BOPS Information

BOPS (Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene) is one of the most popular raw materials currently used in the rigid food packaging industry. The need for improved food storage and improved food presentation are requirements met by packaging produced from advanced materials, such as BOPS, that contribute to the processing and presentation of food products. Lightweight and environmentally friendly, BOPS packaging is an effective solution to the growing demand for ecologically compatible products. The combination of lightweight and high rigidity makes BOPS one of the most efficient materials for use in food packaging. Relative to other packaging materials, it takes lesser amounts of BOPS to provide an equal amount of protection of products than alternative packaging materials. Less packaging means less waste, both for the environment and for your business.

As you can see in the graph below, when comparing OPS with alternative materials, OPS is significantly lighter, stronger and more transparent than alternatives. The choice is clear.

Typical Properties Unit Test Method OPS PET OPS vs. PET
Density g/cm³ ISO 1183 1.04 1.33 -22%
Light Transmissions % ASTM D 1003 90-92 90 +2%
Tensile Stress at Break MPa ISO 527 69/83 55/62 +24/34%


BOPS is a cost-competitive alternative due to its lightweight, highly rigid polymer structure which makes downgauging your products a real possibility. The unique characteristic of this product makes ideal for a business that wants to reduce cost without sacrificing quality and protection.

Economical Processing by Thermoforming

Suitable for thermoforming machines equipped with hot plate or traditional infrared heating system. Excellent machinability with potential for high-speed forming. Formulations with external slipping agents which facilitate the mold releasing and the easy container denesting.

Exceptional Dimensional Stability

BOPS is insensitive to changes of relative humidity. The forming shrinkage is very low, nearly 0,6%. The manufactured containers have excellent resistance to temperatures ranging from freezing to pasteurization at 85°C.

Chemical and Physical Inertness

Tasteless and odorless, BOPS is inert to many aqueous substances, such as acid and alkaline solutions, salts, soaps and detergents. BOPS sheet is approved by all world health organizations and conforms to standards for plastic packaging intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Luster, Brightness and Quality

Greater luster and transparency compared to all other plastic materials available on the market. Above all, BOPS sheet fulfills the modern needs for rigid packaging, contributing to improving the appearance of the packed product.

Waste Recycling and Disposal

BOPS is an easily recyclable material with current processes and technologies. Post-manufactured PS is used in all manner of common applications currently produced throughout the world. As the need for reduced waste levels continue to grow, the quantity of recycled PS will continue to support reduced demand for prime materials in all manner of common applications. BOPS scraps can be disposed in accordance with existing local, regional, national laws and rules. In case of incineration, BOPS burns without emission of toxic gases.