Our Products

Our company manufactures a series of standard BOPS grades. Each grade is designed for various common applications and processing methods. All of our products are approved for food contact.

DFI E – Service Grade

This product is our standard material grade designed for use in shallow-to-medium draw food containers. Its high tensile strength and rigidity make it a superb material for cookie trays, basic containers and domes.

The mechanical properties of this product, combined with its sparkling clarity, offer significant advantages to less rigid packaging materials.

DFI F – Standard Grade

The standard grade offers improved flexibility over our service grade material, without sacrificing its strength and clarity. This grade has been designed for multiple-use enclosure clamshells and other hinged containers.

The improved flexibility improves the strength of perforated hinges and gives better form to button locks and ribbing.

DFI G – Premium Grade

The premium grade product is designed for deep draw applications and products with difficult design ratios. This is extremely flexible and crack resistant making it perfect for clear, low-temperature applications.

The unique properties of this material give improved form detail and can reduce cycle times and energy needed during processing.

LT Flex

LT Flex sheet is a high impact blend of polystyrene, designed for use in the meat packing industry. This material is extremely lightweight, crack resistant, tear resistant and designed for low-temperature applications. Our processing method allows for reduced cycle times and improved efficiency. Our formulation and processing method allow for significant savings over traditional high-impact material which equates to reduced product-to-packaging ratios, lower waste and reduced packaging costs.

This product comes in standard colors, white, brown and black. Custom colors are available upon request.

Colored BOPS

All of our products come in standard colors: black, brown and white.

All DFI product lines can be produced in our standard colors as well as custom colors upon request.

Our partners in the chemicals industry can match almost any color your company may need to make your product stand out in the market.